Thalerova dormitory – Fire alarms during cooking.

Dear students,

on 1. May 2022 at 12:00 the electronic fire alarm system was activated and a fire alarm was triggered, the evacuation of the dormitory was started and the arrival of firefighters followed, who checked the announced place of the fire. It was found on the place that the student burned food during cooking, which she left unattended!

The same situation was repeated on 7.May at 18:30 and 8.May  at 20:25 when it was also an activation of the fire alarm due to an incorrect cooking.

In order to avoid these unnecessary alarms, we hereby ask you to adhere to the principles of safe cooking in kitchens on common rooms, i.e. to consistently turn on the fans in the kitchens during cooking (see the marked switch next to the stove) and your constant presence during cooking.

We tested the sensitivity of the fire alarm by frying eggs and frying toast. None of these procedures activated the fire alarm system.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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