Communication on false fire alarms at Jarov II, Roosevelt and Thaler dormitories allegedly caused by cooking

The EPS system (electronic fire protection system) was installed on the basis of a project that was developed in accordance with the Fire Safety Solution of the building and the valid standards ČSN 73 0875 and ČSN 34 2710, designed by a professional designer and approved by the Fire and Rescue Service. He was taken over by the fire brigade without any comments and connected to the central security desk.

According to company PERFECTED s.r.o., opto-smoke sensors are designed to detect smoke in general. They cannot distinguish between different types and intensities of smoke. The fact that this smoke, which precedes the fire, was detected by the sensors, does not signal a faulty system, but on the contrary is a correctly detecting and signaling EPS system. The EPS system is regularly tested (calibrated) according to ČSN 34 2710 and its functionality is tested.

It is not permissible to clear alarms from guests who think they have a fire under control from the point of view of the building’s fire safety .

The sirens are set in the building in such a quantity according to ČSN standards and according to the approved project that even in remote places they can be heard when an alarm is sounded , even in the event of a failure of some of them.

The sensitivity of the system was tested for frying, cooking and electronic cigarette. See photo documentation below. Boiling water, frying eggs, smoking an electronic cigarette, burnt toast or fat applied directly to the stove did not trigger a fire alarm. The fire alarm did not go off until the lard-soaked napkin began to burn.

The test shows that the fire alarm cannot be triggered by normal cooking.

Nevertheless, for the Jarov II dormitory, we recommend that you consistently close the doors to the rooms and ventilate the common hall with an open window.

For Thaler College, it is also necessary to close the room doors during cooking and ventilate the common hall by starting the extractor with the switch on the left wall next to the stove.

The common recommendation is to keep the cooker clean so that the remnants of the previous cooked food do not char on it.


Photo documentation of performed cooking tests:



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