Laundry room can be located in the basement in the left part of the building (from entrance and reception view). You will find it at the exit from the elevator to your right hand.

There is a drying room behind the laundry room and it is equipped with dryer.

Laundry is equipped with 6 professional washing machines (3x Whirpool, 3x SC65).

You can order and pay washing machine via ISKAM web service. For price, please look at price list of services.

The entrance hall and laundry room was reconstructed in February 2016 and its clean design invites everybody to extraordinary experience from washed clothes feeling.

Appropriate furniture and green color invokes spring walk in woods and it is a guarantee for the satisfied experience of each student, who is not only giving new life to his laundry, but has an option to fold it at large tables and with nice washed clothes brings into his room also positive experience from quality designed comfort laundry room.