1. General provisions

    1. The operating rules of the gym are prepared in accordance with Act no. 258/2000 Coll. on the protection of public health and on the amendment of some related regulations.

    2. The gym is located on the 3rd floor – connecting neck. It is the property of Facilities Management Department of Prague University of Economics and Business.

    3. Gym is intended for leisure sports use for the benefit of those accommodated people in SÚZ dormitories, students of VŠE and employees of SÚZ and VŠE in Prague.

    4. Injuries must be reported to the dormitory management or to the reception of the University Hotel. For first aid needs there is a first aid kit available at the reception of the University Hotel. In necessary cases call the emergency service number 155 or 112.

    5. In the event of a fire, the visitor must take immediate measures to eliminate the source of the fire and call for help immediately.

    6. The consumption of food, smoking, use of open fire and consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the entire gym area.

    7. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants are prohibited from entering the gym.

    8. Every visitor must be aware of their current state of health. Persons with health problems (diseases of the circulatory system – heart, blood vessels, high blood pressure, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diabetes, etc.) must consult their health condition with their doctor before visiting the gym, who will determine any restrictions.

    9. The visitor must respect the operating rules in the entire area of the gym, observe the general principles of decent behaviour, maintain cleanliness and order, avoid wasting water and electricity and damage the equipment of the gym.

  2. Operating hours of the gym

Daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Due to the observance of quiet hours it is strictly forbidden to use the gym outside of the operating hours.

  1. Conditions for entering the gym

    1. All those interested in using the gym must follow these operating rules after entering the gym.

    2. Every visitor to the gym must have a valid reservation in the ISKAM system for current entry to the gym.

    3. In the case of purchasing a season ticket, each visitor is also required to have a so-called empty reservation in the ISKAM system so that the capacity of the gym is not exceeded.

    4. Every visitor is obliged to familiarize himself with the exercise technique on the given fitness equipment before starting the exercise.

  2. Operating rules of the gym

    1. only adults (over 18 years old) may use the gym independently, persons under 18 years old but older than 15 years may use the gym only accompanied by a responsible adult;

    2. entry to the gym is only permitted in clean sports shoes and in suitable sports clothing intended for exercise;

    3. everyone is obliged to use the towel in such a way that the exercise machines and benches are not contaminated with sweat;

    4. the maximum number of people exercising at the same time is 5;

    5. everyone is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and order in the entire gym area, for the protection of property and for damages caused by violations of the operating rules;

    6. any modifications and moving of stands, exercise machines and large gym equipment are prohibited;

    7. a visitor present in the gym does not disturb others during exercise, is polite and considerate towards all other people in the gym;

    8. people in the gym use all equipment premises at their own risk, while they make sure before using it, that the equipment does not show defects preventing its safe use;

    9. while using dumbbells always use locking nuts to prevent the disc from falling and damage to the carpet/floor covering;

    10. after using one-handed dumbbells and discs you have to return them to their original place (handed dumbbells and discs according to the markings, all locking nuts, pads and axles have their own place);

    11. exercise in a ventilated room;

    12. people in the gym do not overestimate their strength and are obliged to always use weights corresponding to their performance limit. In case of exercises with large weights, exercise with assistance;

    13. visitors are obliged to prevent the possibility of injury by properly warming up and then performing the exercises correctly and accurately;

    14. the last visitor in the gym is obliged to close the windows and turn off the lights in the gym premises, check the storage of dumbbells and discs, turn off the radio or the television equipment and properly close the gym area.

  3. It is prohibited:

    1. bringing any items, including food, into the fitness room other than a towel and soft drink in plastic bottles;

    2. bringing glass containers into the gym area;

    3. handle equipment and move tools (exercise machines, benches, trainers, etc.);

    4. putting dumbbells and weights on the upholstery of benches and exercise machines;

    5. using magnesium powder and similar aids;

    6. sit on exercise machines and prevent other visitors from using them;

    7. manipulate radio or television equipment other than turning it on/off, lowering or raising the volume;

    8. to take any non-personal items out of the gym.

  4. Final Provisions

    1. The gym operator is not responsible for damage caused to visitors’ belongings brought into the gym area.

    2. The gym operator is not responsible for injuries or other damage to health in connection with exercise in the gym.

    3. The gym area is monitored by a camera system for the protection of material assets, client safety and crime prevention. Only the gym operator has access to the records.

    4. In case of violation of the operating rules, the visitor will be prohibited from entering the gym or financial compensation imposed for damage to gym equipment or violation of operating rules.

Date: February 16th, 2023

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